3 Things to Consider With Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast Reconstruction East BrunswickHaving a mastectomy can turn your world upside down— making you feel emotionally and physically defeated. However, with the help of Dr. George Philip Smith, you can get reconstructive breast surgery to help you both look and feel like your normal self after a mastectomy. Before you get surgery, you will come into our office for some consultations so that we can ensure we get everything right the first time. Before you get a breast reconstruction, however, there are a few considerations you will have to make including recovery time, the size of implants you want, and nipple size and reconstruction. Read on to learn more.

Recovery Time

Breast reconstruction surgery is a relatively invasive surgical procedure that will require at least one to two full weeks of recovery time. Before you get surgery, make sure that you have both the time and help you need during recovery. For instance, if you work, make sure that you can get enough time off without getting in trouble. Additionally, make sure that you have either family or friends who can come over and take care of you so that you can spend your recovery time relaxing.

The Size of Implants

When getting breast reconstruction surgery, one of the biggest considerations to make is the size. Do you want to have the same size of breasts before your mastectomy or do you want to have an entirely different size? The great thing about breast surgery is that you get to choose the exact size that you want, and with the help of Dr. George Philip Smith, you can pick the size of implant that enhances the rest of your body.

Nipple Size and Reconstruction

Depending on the type of mastectomy that you had, you may have to get nipple reconstruction done as well. During your nipple reconstruction surgery, Dr. Smith will reshape and resize your nipples. Additionally, you can also get your nipples tattooed.

Before you get breast reconstructive surgery, you have some considerations to make. If you would like to learn more about breast reconstructive surgery or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. George Philip Smith today.



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