Fill It Up: The Benefits of Juvederm

Juvederm Perth Amboy, NJThere’s no getting around aging; no matter how old you actually claim to be when you’re out in public. As you age, you start to lose collagen in your cheeks and face which can give you hollow, flat cheekbones. Although you can’t get rid of aging altogether, there are a few ways that you can defy it; including dermal fillers like Juvederm. As one of the most popular dermal fillers that Dr. Smith offers patients at our office, Juvederm can help not only treat volume loss in the skin, but it can also be used as a lip filler as well. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the benefits of Juvederm and why Dr. Smith calls it one of his favorite fillers.

It Works Fast

One of the biggest reasons why our patients like Juvederm is because it works fast. Unlike other injectables that take about a full week to see results, Juvederm shows up in a couple of hours which means that you practically get instant results.

It Lasts Longer

Even though Juvederm is a temporary filler, it lasts longer than a lot of other injectables. Depending on your skin and how it reacts to Juvederm, you may see results that last anywhere from about 9 to 22 months.

Smooth Texture

One problem that some patients experience with other dermal fillers is bumpy or rippling skin. A unique benefit of Juvederm is that it has a really smooth texture which means that you won’t have to deal with any of that unnecessary bumpy texture.

It’s a Lip Filler

As previously mentioned, although Juvederm is used as a way to add volume and fullness to the skin, it is also used as a lip filler. Dr. Smith likes Juvederm as a lip filler because it adds a smooth fullness to the lips without it looking too bumpy.

As you can see, there are several benefits of Juvederm as a filler. Are you interested in learning more about whether or not Juvederm is right for you? If so, contact our Staten Island office today and give us a call at (718) 608-1111.

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