Get the Skinny on Body Contouring

body contouring East Brunswick NJIf you have recently lost a lot of weight, a congratulation is in order! As something that takes a lot of self-discipline and determination, weight loss is not for the weak of heart. And although your scale may show that you have the type of body to show off at the beach, your skin may be saying something entirely different. In fact, a lot of times, patients who lose a lot of weight suffer from excess skin that can make a swimsuit seem further away than ever. Luckily, Dr. George Philip Smith offers a body contouring surgery that can help you get rid of that excess skin so that you can finally show off your weight loss results with confidence and ease. Read on to learn more.

What Is Body Contouring Surgery?

There are several different types of body contouring surgeries that you can get to help with excess skin after extreme weight loss. Of those surgeries, many of our patients elect to get a lower body lift, a thigh lift, and an upper body lift. During each of these surgeries, excess skin will be removed from the body, and your current skin will be tightened— leaving you with the body you’ve always wanted.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Surgery?

There is no definitive way to answer this question. During your initial consultation, we will conduct a physical evaluation and discuss the results that you hope to see. If you have recently lost a lot of weight, are healthy, and have a lot of excess skin. However, you will most likely be deemed a good candidate.

Losing weight is a huge accomplishment, but it can feel smaller after you realize how much extra skin you have. To help you gain back your confidence and feel 100% happy with the skin you are in, Dr. George Philip Smith can perform a body contouring procedure. If you would like to learn more about this procedure or to schedule your consultation, contact Dr. George Philip Smith’s office today!

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