Picking the Right Implant Size for Your Body Type

We’ve all seen women who choose to get breast implants that are way too big for their body— making them look top heavy and unnatural. And unless you want that look and your doctor will consent to giving you that type of appearance, it’s best to ensure that you are getting a size of implants that matches your body type. Read on to learn more.

Look At Your Natural Cup Size
When choosing your new breast cup size, look at your natural size as a jumping off point. For instance, if you are naturally a AA cup, you will look unnatural if you automatically jump to a DD. Instead, you’ll probably want to get a small or a full sized C cup. However, if your natural size is a C cup, then you will have no problem jumping to a DD.

Look At Your Body Type
One of the biggest reasons many women opt to get breast implants is because they want their body to look more proportional. For instance, if you are a naturally curvy woman but have smaller breasts, a larger breast size will compliment your build more. However, if you are petite or more athletic looking, then you will want to look into a small sized implant that will help to enhance your natural body type.

What is Your Lifestyle Like?
Many people often don’t think to consider what their lifestyle is like before choosing the size of implant they want. For example, women who are extremely active and athletic should get an implant that won’t cause any sort of back pain or athletic restriction. Whereas if you live a more solitary lifestyle, choosing a larger sized implant likely won’t deter you in any way.

Choosing the right implant for you, your lifestyle, and your body type can be a tricky decision to make. However, by paying attention to the information listed above in this article, you can better find an implant that is suitable to all of your physical needs.

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